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Raising Great Leaders

Rhemaword International Christian Centre started in obedience to an instruction that the Lord gave to Rev'd Peter Ayo Alabi in November 2008, to raise men and women in all spheres of human endeavour who will establish and expand the Kingdom of GOD upon the earth.

From The Senior Pastor

May 2019: Openings!

It's the 5th month of the year 2019. This month is a month of openings. I declare an unusual acceleration. As things Open up, speed takes over. Everyone who has been stagnated, receive speed, receive momentum, receive acceleration, begin to move by Power, move by the Force of The Holy Ghost in The Name Of Jesus.

Every Venture, Every Work of Your hand that has been trapped, they are released in The Name of Jesus. Thank you for release by the Holy Ghost. Every shackles put on Your feet that is hindering You, I command they are broken off in the Name Of Jesus. Whatever You are doing in your life that seems to have been stagnated and trapped, I command these things to be released now in The Name of Jesus.

Openings! Every dormant gift is activated. Gifts activated, grace activated! What You carry is coming to life in The Name of Jesus. Thank You for activations in the Spirit, thank You for reactivations. Thank You because dormant gifts are reopened. Callings are receiving freshness. Where there was weakness, strength is ministered; Where there was fear, Power is ministered, Boldness is ministered. Thank You for steps that are quickened by the Holy Ghost.

Rev'd Peter Alabi

Our Meetings

Preaching and Teaching the Word of grace with simplicity and accompanying manifestation of the Holy Ghost and Power

Our Gallery

This is indeed home, we are family, we do life together, such is the experience in Our services is better felt than ‘telt’. Take a look at our gallery. Come be a part of this family.

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