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Rhemaword International Christian Centre started in obedience to an instruction that the Lord gave to Rev'd Peter Ayo Alabi in November 2008, to raise men and women in all spheres of human endeavour who will establish and expand the Kingdom of GOD upon the earth.

From The Senior Pastor

June: Half The Time!

The word of the Lord for You this month of June is HALF THE TIME!
I have prayed and received for You, that You will get things done half of the time that it normally takes, in Jesus name! There are times when GOD collapses time in order to give Us an advantage over the natural limitation of time.

Speed is one of the ways that GOD enables Us to gain time and get things done faster than the normal duration it takes others. This month You will have speed working for You. You will be quick in accomplishing Your goals and targets. A divine energy and ability will enhance Your natural energy and ability, in Jesus name!

Another way is through Assistance!
When You have more hands working for You things get done faster and more efficiently.
This month unseen and unknown hands will work for You, in Jesus name!
Unseen hands are Angels! They will Minister for You practically!
Unknown hands are Human beings that You have no prior relationship with yet they will be stirred up by the Lord to HELP You!

David had such assistance in 1 Chronicles 12:1-2.
Men of Valour came to help Him. They were natives of Benjamin - the same place that Saul came from. But the Lord stirred them up to help David; He gave David Favor with these men.
You will enjoy the same Favor!
Expect these in the month of June!
Remember to let me know of the Great things that the Lord is doing in Your life. Click here to share testimonies.
I call You Blessed!

Rev'd Peter Alabi

Our Meetings

Preaching and Teaching the Word of grace with simplicity and accompanying manifestation of the Holy Ghost and Power
Prayer works, all of the time, 100% of the time


"But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word" Acts 6:4

Things happen when we gather together that doesn't happen anywhere else. We would join faith with You in Prayer.

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This is indeed home, we are family, we do life together, such is the experience in Our services. Come be a part of this family.

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